exterior products


Our thermally modified hardwood siding can use the same technology as our Snap-To-It decking. Machined grooves on the backside of the siding allow these boards to be fastened to the wall using our GRAD clips. Simply screw the clip onto your strapping and snap the siding in place. Save up to 30% on your installation time! If that does not work for you, we have other fastening options. Siding comes with a 60-year warranty against rot, In addition you still get that superior structural stability in high humidity and an increase in insulation properties.


Great option for all your siding needs, from home to cottage and everything in between.

Our lumber is only heated and steamed in the manufacturing process, which means our products are ideal for a beautiful long-lasting siding anywhere, in any conditions.


We offer siding products in a variety of species, including but not limited to ash, maple, & birch.


our clip system

ThermalWood Canada has the sole rights to manufacture state-of-the-art GRAD clips (outside of France) to create an easy, DIY installation of your hardwood decking and cladding. The clips are made of POM (polyoxymethylene), which is one of the highest performing plastic on the market, the same to manufacture soles of ski boots.

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