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What many people don’t know is that the music industry is one of our largest clients. We supply blanks for all components of guitars, as well drums components and wooden flutes. We’ve created an innovative new product for the string instrument industry called Obsidian. With ebony on the endangered species list, we thought the time was right to create a real wood alternative using roasted maple and a few other things.


This versatile solution finds applications across a wide spectrum of musical instruments, encompassing not only string instruments but also extending its benefits to percussion instruments like drums, wind instruments like flutes, and essentially any musical creation that incorporates wood into its construction.


Hard Curly Maple – Grade 3A – Kiln Dried

obsidian ebony

Driven by an eco-conscious mission, we addressed the industry’s need for an ebony substitute, vital in music as guitar fingerboards and potential premium instrument materials. This led to Obsidian Ebony, crafted via thermal modification and monomer infusion.



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