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Everything Happens For A Reason 

How A Frightening Accident Brought A Young Entrepreneur To The Bathurst Region 

“Everything happens for a reason,” says Carter Bailey when detailing the moment a drunk driver struck his vehicle. The accident left him with severe injuries that required months of rehabilitation.

Carter, a fifth generation logger from the Miramichi area, took this time to seek friendship online with the help of the Tinder app. This led him to a woman from the Bathurst area, who offered him friendship, a helping hand with his injuries, and eventually a home in our great region.

Through this friendship, Carter found the partner he was looking for and just last year, the two were married. With the knot tied, and Bathurst his home, it was time for CRS Forestry to be born. 

When I asked Carter what led him to the decision of starting CRS Forestry Ltd, he said, ”I’ve worked as a forestry contractor and a landscaping contractor. I took the heavy machinery course at NBCC, and I thought with my knowledge and years in the industry, it was time to start my own business.”

CRS Forestry has been servicing Northern and Southern New Brunswick since October 2023, and with the help of his partner, a landscaper with over 14 years of experience, Carter is seeing more and more opportunities for the business to grow. 

Soon, he plans on hiring a couple more full-time employees to help with the increasing demand for his services. 

One question that’s always asked on The Northern Heat Report is what exactly keeps people in the Bathurst region?

When I posed this question to Carter, he was quick to answer that there are a lot of “friendly people in Bathurst.”

“This is a slowly developing, tight knight community filled with people who are ready to help and offer a hand if you need it.” 

These are comments that we always like to hear from guests of The Northern Heat Report. In a world where negativity spreads like wildfire, ThermalWood Canada is all about the positive. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and everyone deserves a chance to tell it.

In this region, leaders are turning up the heat in business and in life. And Carter is exactly the type of young entrepreneur that makes the Bathurst region so special. A hardworking, and educated business owner who’s willing to travel from one end of the province to the other to offer his many services. 

Some of these include lawn maintenance, fences, forestry services, retaining walls, windfall cleanup, backyard makeovers, and more. 

If you need these services, you can reach Carter at 506-251-0039

We thank you for following along with these stories and helping us grow so that we can help you grow. The Northern Heat Report is not possible without the support of our followers, and those who agree sit down with us and chat.Lastly, a big thank you to Carter for the enlightening discussion and best wishes for the future of CRS Forestry LTD.