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Brought Me So Much Peace

Carole’s journey of self healing and helping others with the aid of horses

Carole Johnson had no intention of purchasing a farm when she visited one on St Anne, looking to buy a feeder for her horses. But as she crossed the gate and walked around, she couldn’t believe the energy that the farm had brought her. She was instantly in love. As she walked out to speak with the lady who owned it, she jokingly asked if she’d ever sell. She wasn’t expecting the lady to tell her she was. Carole went back to visit again, and a couple of months later, a city girl was now a farm owner.

Carole always loved horses growing up, but never thought she’d own any, let alone rescue them. But once she got her first horse, she realized something special. These horses would help her find peace, her balance and be a very big part of her recovery.

Working as a nurse for the last 24 years in a hospital setting would prove to be extremely challenging especially once Covid hit. 8 hour shifts would turn to 12, 16, 24 hour shifts, thus eventually causing extreme fatigue and burnout. In 2021, she went off sick for six months and spent most of her time just being with the horses. “ I would forget everything else that was going on in my mind. It was like for a brief time, everything would just stop and I was finally able to breathe” Late 2021, she returned to work only to be put off again later in 2022.

Wanting to heal first and eventually continue to be a nurse and share her new passion, Carole decided to explore the world of Holistic Nurse Coaching which also helped her heal and concentrate on her own health and recovery. Adding to it all, she also completed the HEART (Holistic Equine Assisted Recreation Therapy) facilitator program which is helping her include the horses in her future program. The farm and the animals that have provided so much therapy for Carole, does the same for the others. The farm isn’t a riding facility, but in July when Swishing Tails plans to open its doors, it will provide different services.

Carole always knew she wanted to help people, but just wasn’t sure if she could return to a hospital setting. But this new adventure provides ways for her to help herself and others heal at the place that brings her the most peace.

“This farm and the animals allows you to take the time to stop, breathe and focus on the present moment .”

Swishing Tails is opening its doors soon, and the official website will also be up in next week or so. Customers will make all bookings on the website, where they can find the different services offered, as well as pricing.

Until then, you can visit the Swishing Tails Facebook page right here:

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