Original article published by Huddle, written by Cara Smith and published on May 16th, 2016

BATHURST–ThermalWood is putting European innovation into decks, guitars, furniture and siding in Canada and beyond in the form of long-lasting thermally treated wood.

The Bathurst company applies a technique developed in Finland to thermally modify virtually any species of wood to make it more durable, eliminate the risk of decay and damage and bring uniformity to the colour of the wood.

ThermalWood partner and international marketing and sales director Bob Lennon says that because this process doesn’t use chemicals, just heat and steam, it’s considered a green alternative.

Lennon was part of the research process for starting the company in 2005 and its official beginning in 2008. He calls the opportunity his excuse for staying in northern New Brunswick after the closures of mines in the area.

“I had opportunities to leave this area and go anywhere in the world,” Lennon said. “But I didn’t want to leave …” Lennon says ThermalWood started with a solid customer base but quickly lost traction during the recession despite continue interest in their process and product.

ThermalWood founders Bob Lennon (L) and Pierre Friolet (R)

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